Retired Seattle Times reporter/editor living in Lacey, WA. Hobbies include upland and big-game hunting, photography, travel, bicycling, cooking and wine.

I first became interested in photography as a hobby in Korea in 1953 when I purchased a Canon IVS2 rangefinder camera at a PX near Seoul.

Over the next few decades, I acquired a dozen or more other cameras including two Rolleiflexes, Miranda single-lens reflexes, a couple of Konica RFs, two Nikkormats, a Nikon F inherited from my father and, finally, went digital first with a Fuji MX 700, followed by a Canon G2 and Nikons D100, 200 and 300, and most recently a Canon G11..

My father, Jack O'Connor, also was a camera buff and many of the pictures he took were used to illustrate his books on hunting and arms and ammunition and his articles in Outdoor Life and Petersen's Hunting Magazine.

When he had to be the subject of a photo, he often would hand a camera to me to shoot and ask me to develop and print the pictures in my darkroom at home, usually on a tight publishing deadline.

From the time I was a child, I accompanied my father and mother on many hunting trips, from Sonora in Mexico to The Yukon and Africa. In later years, I had the pleasant duty of photographing several of their hunting adventures.

I had the honor of working at The Seattle Times with some of the nation's top photojournalists and although union rules prohibited me as a reporter/editor from shooting for The Times, I was able to pick up a buck or two now and then with free-lancing to the paper.

In the galleries here, you will see lots of pictures, much of it junk and certainly not up to the standards of those gifted photographers at The Times. Some will be of family, including my supportive wife and companion for 60 years, my daughter Pamela and her now-adult children and son John and his two handsome and bright boys.

Thse are merely snapshots of what has been a long but very interesting life.

Bradford O'Connor

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